The word glycolysis is derived from two Greek words that mean the breakdown of something sweet. Glycolysis is the process of glucose or sugar molecules metabolizing to supply energy to the cell to power growth and other functions. It is the first phase in breaking down carbohydrates. Glycolysis takes the glucose and turns it into pyruvate. Pyruvate can be used as energy in aerobic or anaerobic cellular respiration.

DIY Glycolysis

Design It Yourself Glycolysis serves as an educational tool that provides insight into the function of this type of metabolic pathway. In this study aid, you will go step by step to design glycolysis from scratch. In doing so, you can compare your selections with real pathways, which evolved billions of years ago. This resource is not a quiz for biochemistry, but a study aid.

The goal of this study aid is to help you learn the process of glycolysis starting with glucose. You will find that glycolysis is more than a series of chemicals, but rather the most effective system for creating energy from glucose.